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Misty II is ready to go to work. What assignments will you give her?

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Robots Have an
Impactful Role to Play

The opportunity for Misty II to do useful things is large in businesses, the home, research, and education. She can empower people to focus on what’s important, enable businesses to create new experiences and opportunities, fill societal gaps that are critical, solve problems where robots have a unique talent, and accelerate learning.

First Professional-Grade Platform Robot

Using her SDK developers can build skills that take advantage of her natural talents like autonomously moving; recognizing people; hearing, taking action, and communicating via 3rd party voice integrations; capturing photos, collecting data, and sharing content; and more. Misty II enables developers and businesses to build for and compete in the personal, service, care, educational, entertainment, retail and household robot markets

Your New Learning Platform

If you are an educator or librarian comfortable with code, Misty II is ready for you. She’s a great colleague for students and patrons developing an understanding of advanced technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision or learning a coding language. For those with an interest in HRI (Human Robot Interaction) and researching critical topics of our time like Alzheimer’s, Autism, learning disabilities, and aging in place, Misty is ready to play a central role.

Misty on Assignment

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Office Assistant

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Data Collector

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Library Coach

Misty II Application Templates

An Open Source Inititive

Put Misty to work quickly.  Misty II Application Templates provide developers with a great starting point for building out skills and broader use cases.  Each template provides the code to get started and an implementation guide. This is an open source initiative seeded by Misty Robotics.  Templates will be expanded, supported and maintained by the Misty developer community.

Misty II as a Concierge

The concierge template leverages Misty’s ability to detect humans in her presence, localize to their location, greet them and let them know how she can help and provide responses to their questions leveraging your integration to a third party database. Developers can extend the core information sharing skill with other capabilities like reservations and orders integrating with a point of sale system or call for assistance integrating with communication APIs. 

Misty’s Heroes

Misty developers are teaching her new tricks with their skills. They are the key to making robots a part of our everyday lives. Join us in celebrating their work.

At Misty Robotics, we are changing the way the robotics market works. We are enabling developers and the companies and institutions they work with to build for and accelerate the opportunity for robots to do useful things. We can’t wait to see what you build.