Navigating COVID-19 Screening in the Workplace

Resources to help with the journey.


COVID-19 Screening of Customers and Employees  

Overview:   Responsible business leaders are looking for answers to the most basic of workplace questions like:

  • How do I keep my employees and customers safe?
  • How do I keep my front desk safe from COVID-19?
  • Which methods of temperature screening are the most efficient?
  • Do any tools log the screening process in a private manner?
  • How do I keep my organization free from liability?
  • Which solutions are the most cost-effective?

We have done the research and talked to our large network of businesses.

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How to assess your organization’s approach to COVID-19 safety


Should I take temperatures?

Overview:   Who would have thought “should I take everyone’s temperatures” would become a top-of-mind business or school question? As many of us work to reopen safely, temperatures and masks have become the new hot topics.

We have been engaging with a variety of businesses and schools to learn more about what they are seeing from a human perspective. “Awkward” seems to be the going word.

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Should I take Temperatures?