Navigating COVID-19 Screening in the Workplace

Resources to help with the journey.

misty ii robot covid coronavirus temperature screener

An Accelerated Need for Robots in Our Lives

COVID-19 is a catalyst for putting robots to work in our daily lives faster.  Just think of the useful assignments they could take on in light of social distancing and the need to make people safer in a pandemic or even flu environment.  Misty II is a platform robot and as such has the potential for developers and their organizations to build out the use cases that can support humans in terms of improving safety, dealing with separation, and learning from afar.

Our Misty Labs team has been prototyping a couple of ideas to show the beginnings of what’s possible and get ideas rolling. Check them out below!

Misty II Assignment: Temperature Screening Assistant

Misty II is expandable via third party hardware.  Equip her with a sensor for checking human temperature and she is ready to roll (literally) as a health check monitor.  Using her voice integration capability, she can be readied for answering key questions and updating your information system on people entering the facility.  With the help of face recognition, Misty can personalize the experience, recognizing registered people as they check in, adding a littler Misty personality to the interaction.  And you can take it a step further using third party API integrations to have Misty send a message about the person coming in or even control door mechanisms based on whether someone is cleared to come in or not.

Misty II Assignment: Room Sanitizer

We are all now officially “clean freaks”, and Misty II is no exception. She can be put to work to keep door handles and other high contact points clean. Leveraging her ability to roam and navigate and her hardware expandability, Misty can be equipped with UV lamps or even simple sanitizer and programmed to activate cleaning at the right time and place. 

Misty II is Ready to Serve

If you are a developer or organization with an idea on how robots can tackle the challenges of COVID-19 or any pandemic of the future, we are here to help you evaluate the opportunity.