Say "hello" to your new
temperature screening assistant

A polite and engaging robot. A more affordable way to greet employees, patients, and visitors.

“Robot (as a temperature screener) really hit a lightbulb for me. It was amazing. Smart solutions for a modern problem.”

"Misty uses thermal imaging which makes the temperature screening much more accurate.”

"Misty’s arrival at our site comes at a time when everyone could benefit from additional interactions that are positive and consistent!”

"Misty as a temperature screener has a great ROI. For us the payback is about 2 ½ months.”

"We calculated the payback period (for putting Misty to work as our temperature screener) at 1 month."

An Efficient Approach to COVID-19 Workplace Screening

Meet the only temperature screening solution to employ a robot with character. Her name is Misty II. She gives hospitals, healthcare practices and companies alike, the ability to:
• Free up staff to focus on more meaningful assignments
• Save money by using a fully automated solution
• Implement temp screening with the highest accuracy
• Use a contactless solution to further reduce chances of COVID-19 transmission
• Create a great user experience through the novelty of interacting with a clever and personable robot

How Screening Works

Misty II gets the job done in seconds.
1. Misty II sees someone enter and politely asks them to step into her measurement zone
2. She asks a couple quick (optional) COVID-19 health screening questions
3. The individual's temperature is taken
4. Based on results Misty II either gives permission to enter or gives further instructions
5. She (optionally) texts or emails pass/fail results to designated people
6. Results are recorded and available through the administration and reporting portal

The Temperature Screening Assistant Solution

We’ve equipped the Misty II robot with a high accuracy, blackbody referenced thermal imaging camera and a screening application that leverages her natural personality. It’s an automated and contactless solution. Screening is consistent, reliable and always friendly.

Solution capabilities include:

• Closed loop temperature screening (accuracy within +/-0.5C)
• An interactive health question survey
• Immediate pass/fail result determination and recording
• Configurable SMS and/or email notifications
• Web-based administration and reporting
• First of its kind, dynamic character interaction
• A great unflappable attitude


Fully Automated, Contactless & Touchless

• Reduced risk of frontline staff exposure
• No surface hygiene concerns for users
• Reliable, consistent screening management
• Accuracy within +/- 0.5 C per FDA guidelines
• Immediate readout and notification of results

Dynamic & Engaging User Experience

• Part of the front office team; great attitude even in difficult situations
• Polite and disarming interaction
• Drives strong user engagement
• Least intrusive way to protect employees and guests
• Reinforces strong people culture and brand

Cost Effective

• A fraction of the hourly cost of a human
• No PPE required
• Works a 24/7 week
• Enables staff to focus on primary job

Easy to Use

• Simple, intuitive set-up
• Easy to maintain
• Efficient and reliable 
• Compact, space-saving design

Get Answers to Your Temperature Screening Questions

Choices have to be made on screening. The challenge? There is no one set path.
How can we help? We are deep into the topic and know the questions that need to be answered.
Two ways to tap that knowledge:

1: Get a free personalized consultation on choosing the right screening solution

2: Download our write up on Screening Employees and Visitors for COVID-19.
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Misty II Brings the Best of Both Worlds

There are a variety screening options out there. With Misty you benefit from the value of automation including lower cost (Misty is paid a fraction of the hourly rate of a person), reduced risk of frontline COVID-19 contact, and greater consistency and reliability.
Misty also provides user experience value. She is packed with personality that translates into improved engagement. Better experiences go a long way in building trust. This is also a "touchless" solution mitigating surface hygiene concerns.

Future Proof Investment

The Temp Screening Assistant is a future-proof investment. Misty II herself has ongoing utility well after the need for COVID-19 screening. You can put her to work as a general office assistant, greeter, or concierge to name a few. If your business has developers, they can build new skills (robot applications) for her and more

Two Versions to Meet Your Needs

The Temp Screening Assistant for Misty II comes in two versions, Core and Specialized. The Specialized edition offers additional customization options.

Pricing as low as $3,299 upfront + additional monthly service fee and required taxes and duties.
A leasing model is available on request

The Cares Act

Looking for ways to cover the purchase of Misty for this job? According to the website: “The Cares Act Provider Relief Fund may be used to cover lost revenue attributable to COVID-19 or health-related expenses purchased to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, including but not limited to supplies, equipment…”
If your organization is participating in the benefits of this, Misty II may be an eligible expense.

A Little Bit More About Us

Founded in 2017, Misty Robotics, Inc., is the company behind Misty II – the first professional-grade platform robot. The Temp Screening Assistant is a skill (robot application) built for Misty II, further demonstrating the opportunity to put robots to work on useful assignments in healthcare, businesses, schools and homes.